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Verum Academy was inspired by and created for the specific need of the US Youth Soccer Family. We set out to address a need: the under-development of the American soccer player. Our first instinct often leads us to admire the success of our international counterparts, but we are dealing with a different set of circumstances that call for a different set of solutions. In search of those solutions, we have looked at everything: our governing bodies, our leagues, our club systems, our schools, our expectations, our culture. We arrived at one inevitable conclusion: if we want to make a difference, we must be open to consider, question and challenge everything.

Verum Academy provides an educational alternative to young talented soccer players aspiring to professional and/or collegiate football careers. We offer our athletes a balanced approach for development in three main areas; soccer, academics and personal. Our soccer curriculum offers a methodical and rigorous world-class training regime focused on developing creative, technically-superior and smarter players. Our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms equip our athletes with practical skills needed to thrive in their chosen careers beyond athletics. Soccer and Academics, however, are both centered around the most important of all developments; the person.

To be recognized as a leading academic alternative providing club-neutral, world-class soccer training and a modern academic curriculum built upon a strong foundation of core values resulting in the successful development of world-class Soccer athletes and world-class citizens.

Verum Academy recognizes that our vision and mission cannot be achieved without a strong foundation on our core values;


• Love - This is at the core of everything we do. Love your neighbor, family, teammates, teachers and even your opponents. Love the game of soccer, of course. Our work would prove futile if we fail to instill this fundamental value.


• Collaboration - Verum will focus on transcending the power of teamwork from the pitch to all other aspects of our lives. We recognize that our best achievements and the positive evolution of humankind are ONLY attained when collaborating well with others.


• Altruism - Success IS NOT the equivalent of selfishness. And selfishness is not tolerated at Verum Academy.


• Humility – No matter how big the achievement or how difficult a challenge, Verum Academy students are expected to always be gracious in defeat and humble in victory.


• Strong Work Ethic – Verum academy places strong emphasis on nurturing a culture of hard-working individuals who value processes over results.

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