Led by a team of highly credentialed and experienced coaches, our soccer development program aims to maximize the development of each individual player. We strive to develop well-rounded athletes by focusing on technical and tactical growth with complementing programs, such as physical education, nutrition, yoga, fitness, and mindfulness training.

These will be sessions led by our soccer coaches predominantly working on ball skills, game play and
techniques to be used during a game. We think of this as the traditional soccer training element of our

These sessions focus on developing the athletes’ game knowledge and awareness of situations that they can find themselves in during a soccer game. We like to call this our ‘game management and awareness’ section of development. The coaches instruct the athletes in position specific tactical
knowledge and game situation sensitivity.

A soccer players’ athletic ability is of huge importance in the modern game is. Players will undergo a full range of athletic, agility, endurance and strength exercises developed into a soccer specific program by our physical education coaches. Complementing programs are incorporated throughout the week to ensure a well-rounded soccer development program.

The Verum Advantage

Physical education – EPOK Performance coaches work the athletes through a thorough stretching, active recovery, and agility program.
Sports Science Analysis – Be One’s consultant sports scientists and physiologists come to the school on an intermittent basis to measure the athletes’ base lines and their development of athletic parameters across the year.
Nutrition – frequent additions to weekly curriculum involve seminars on the benefits of healthy eating and fueling your body correctly for the upcoming soccer session.
Yoga – our dedicated yoga instructor works with the athletes every Friday to develop flexibility and core strength.
Fitness – the athletes follow a ‘speed and quickness’ and a ‘strength and agility’ program developed by EPOK Performance.
Game film analysis – the weekly analysis can either be of previous Verum Academy practices or scrimmages. We also incorporate professional film footage to instruct the students on position specific analysis, rule interpretations and game management situations.


The mental side of sport is very much at the foreground of the modern athlete’s thinking and it is for that reason we have developed an entire separate area focusing on this aspect of the game. Meditation, mindfulness training, positive thinking and goal setting are all areas that our mental coaches
focus on and develop.
Mindfulness training – each day begins with 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation and goal setting enabling the athletes to approach their day in a focused and consistent manner to ensure maximum achievement on the field and in the classroom.
Character strengths analysis – each student athlete will undergo an Emerge Coaching analysis at the beginning of the year and will work with our consultants to develop a character development program. Emerge Coaching is G3 Development Group's proprietary coaching framework which allows the student
athlete to become their best self by building self-awareness through Clifton Strengths (EQ>IQ), Leadership Development and Peak Performance Mindset coaching.

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