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The philanthropic arm of Verum Academy will be called The Youth Sports Advocates Foundation and will focus on distributing scholarships and financial aid to those players who show potential but cannot meet the subscription fees of Verum Academy. These players will be identified by our experienced soccer staff during their time spent at scrimmages, practices, games and tournaments. They are no prerequisites for The Youth Sports Advocates Foundation offering financial aid to a student athlete other than the inability to pay for the service as determined by a financial aid requirement survey. The Youth Sports Advocates Foundation will also look to distributing lightly used clothing and soccer equipment and apparel to underprivileged children via family programs run by Verum Academy, both nationally and internationally.

Verum Academy has also partnered in the community this year with UCP of Central Florida, a school
dedicated to the belief that children with and without disabilities should not be separated in the
classroom. Verum Academy students have participated in joint yoga sessions with UCP students and the students of VA and UCP have worked side by side in tasks around both schools to empower their

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