For the purpose of our academy, we will be using the term "Soccer" as it is the correct terminology used for the sport in the United States where our academy is located. We understand that there are many other words used to describe the sport, but out of respect for the country we are in, we will continue to refer to the sport as Soccer. For other names used to describe the sport, you can view a map HERE.

At Verum Academy we strive to surround our players with role models and mentors who will help them achieve their goals. With 4 staff members and 15+ guests, our players will receive instruction from different voices and personalities all following the same curriculum.


We will carefully monitor all club practices, games, individual training, and other physical activity for the benefit of the players. We welcome feedback and conversations with the player’s coaches and directors in order to work together to help the athletes improve and further understand their needs.

Below you can find the first week of our curriculum. As you can see, during the orientation processthe players will be limited to low-impact and lighter training. Some activities during the first week will consist of team-building and other non-physical tasks in order to ease the athlete into the weeks to come.

Most days will start with 1-1.5 hours of classroom sessions. These sessions will consist of video analysis, learning tactics, game theory, soccer education, team-building, cognitive activities, group projects, and more. Each day, we will be focusing on 2 main subjects to assist the players in learning about the game off the field.

After the classroom sessions are finished, the players will spend 1.5-2 hours on the field. During this time, we will assess each player's workload for that week and train them based on their physical and mental needs.



Below is a sample of what the orientation week will look like:

It is important to understand the risks in training. In order to explain this, we have to understand what it takes to become a top level athlete. If you take a look at the top players in most environments you will notice that these players put in the necessary hours in order to excel. If you are looking to not get injured playing soccer then the easiest solution is to simply not play. Every time a player steps on the field there is a risk of injury. If a player is on the field twice as often as their teammate they are going to be more likely to get injured. 

Understanding this we will minimize the potential of injury but the risk of injury will always increase with more training. Learning about injury prevention, correct eating habits and learning how to read your body, the players will have all the necessary tools and guidance needed to make better and informed decisions about their trainings and games.

Each athlete will have their own profile where we will be testing, monitoring progress and assessing their goals on a daily basis.

More info coming soon...

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