We Believe in a Blended Learning Model

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The Verum Approach

When we talk of a blended learning environment, we are capturing the best of what a traditional classroom setting offers and combining that with the most modern and up to date virtual academic platform in the marketplace. Connections Academy is an accredited, virtual school that offers students everything they need to reach their highest potential. Verum Academy is proud to partner with Connections Academy in the academic year 2019/2020 to offer our students two separate programs: Virtual Private School and Virtual Public School.


Education Philosophy

Verum Academy is committed to solving problems with critical thinking, using
deductive reasoning, and expanding our knowledge to include complex concepts and theories. Our
overall goal is to produce students who are sure of their intelligence and who hold their values dear. We
care about our students’ integrity, not just their ability to retain information. Striving to create an
environment in which every student feels safe and cared for, we also try to push our students and give
them growth opportunities in order to help them reach their goals. Our community is, first and
foremost, a place in which learning is held aloft on principle. We understand that knowledge,
experience, and wisdom are all tied up together and that they require interest, inspiration, and
ingenuity. We want our students to develop global mindsets so that they can become effective world
citizens and understand their connection to all people everywhere. To that end, we are constantly
encouraging the study of multiple cultures, multiple histories, and multiple languages.


Curriculum Model

The 21st century is a time period in which skill and education needs are always
changing. We integrate online classes with in-class workshops that provide our students with a blended

model, leveraging the benefits of in-classroom learning with the advantages of virtual learning. This
model also allows us to be highly customizable and place the individual student at the center of our
education efforts rather than trying to conform to a one-size-fits-all solution.


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